Get Involved

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Do you care about public health and clean drinking water?

Are you interested in learning more about coal slurry and its impact on Appalachia?

Get involved with Sludge Safety Project to learn more and help protect the health and waters of your community! SSP wins because everyday people contribute their time and energy in many different ways. Here are a few of the ways you can help:

Public Events:

       Come visit us at a local event

  • Check out our Take Action page to find out about upcoming events, and come on out to show your support!

      Help us educate and provide information to the public at tabling events

  • Contact our Outreach Team to find out about upcoming tabling events so you can participate or just come visit with us.

    Invite the Sludge Safety Project to come speak at a community meeting, roundtable discussion or event in YOUR area

  • Big or small, the Sludge Safety Project is happy to come speak to any group of people to provide information on the issues of slurry, health and environmental contamination. Get in touch with us to set up an event in your area!
  • If you are in school, invite the Sludge Safety Project to come speak before your class or student group.


These positions usually require at least a one month committment to the project. For a list of internships and a brief description of the intership program, check out our Internships Page!

Scientists, Students, and Labs:

We are in constant need of the assistance of scientists, researchers and lab resources. For more information or to find ways you can help, please go to our Scientists, Students, and Labs Page!

There are lots of other ways you can get involved in the Sludge Safety Project as a volunteer!

To get involved with the Sludge Safety Project, please contact us at :