About Us

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The Sludge Safety Project is a collaborative effort of concerned and affected residents of West Virginia, Coal River Mountain Watch, and the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

Since 2004, the project has worked to improve the health and safety of residents living in the vicinity of coal waste storage sites. Through a combination of data collection, grassroots community organizing, reasearch, media events, and lobby work, we have made signifigant gains in protecting communities and bringing attention to the dangers of toxic coal sludge.

Together we have won a moratorium in the West Virgina State Legislature prohibiting the issuance of new permits for underground injection, gained emergency alert systems in communities near impoundments, and worked with communities to gain access to clean drinking water. We have brought together community members and scientists to test water across the southern coalfields and investigate the connections between coal slurry and contaminated water.

We are committed to continuing to fight for an end to the production of toxic coal sludge in West Virginia!